SSRS Tip: Using Wildcards in Report Parameters

Apr 2, 2018


Welcome to OptWizard SEO's informative guide on using wildcards in report parameters for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This practical tip will enhance the functionality of your SSRS reports and contribute to your overall SEO strategy. By incorporating wildcards, you can significantly improve search report efficiency and make your data more easily accessible to users.

The Importance of Wildcards

Wildcards serve as powerful tools in filtering data within report parameters. They allow users to perform more comprehensive searches and manipulate parameters to match specific criteria. By incorporating wildcards, you can achieve more flexible and tailored reporting results.

Understanding Wildcard Characters

Before we dive into the specifics of using wildcards in SSRS report parameters, it is essential to understand the various wildcard characters available:

  • Asterisk (*): The asterisk represents any character or a sequence of characters. It is commonly used to represent multiple characters within a keyword or phrase.
  • Question Mark (?): The question mark represents a single character. This wildcard is useful when you want to search for a word or phrase with a specific letter or character in a particular position.
  • Percent Sign (%): The percent sign represents zero or more characters. It is often used in conjunction with other characters to form complex search patterns.

Using Wildcards in SSRS Report Parameters

Now that we have a good grasp of wildcard characters, let's explore how to utilize them effectively in SSRS report parameters:

Step 1: Define the Parameter

Start by defining the report parameter within SSRS. Ensure that the parameter data type is compatible with the nature of the data you will be searching.

Step 2: Enable Wildcards

In the parameter properties, enable the wildcard functionality by setting the "Allow Multiple Values" property to true. This will allow users to input wildcard characters in their search criteria.

Step 3: Include Wildcards in Search Queries

When conducting searches, users can incorporate wildcard characters directly into their queries. Here are some examples to showcase the possibilities:

Example 1: Searching for all customers whose name contains "Opt" can be achieved by entering "*Opt*" in the search parameter.

Example 2: To find all products with descriptions starting with the letter "S" and ending with "Tool," users can input "S%Tool" in the parameter field.

Example 3: If you wish to search for an exact phrase, you can use a combination of wildcard characters and specific text. For instance, "*SEO Services*" will return results that precisely match the phrase "SEO Services."

Benefits of Using Wildcards

By embracing wildcards in your SSRS report parameters, you unlock several benefits:

  • Enhanced Search Capability: Wildcards expand search possibilities, allowing users to find data more efficiently and effectively.
  • Flexibility: Users can specify search patterns with precision, retrieve targeted results, and adapt their queries based on varying criteria.
  • Improved User Experience: Wildcards support a more intuitive and user-friendly search interface, enabling users to access desired information quickly.
  • Time-Saving: By leveraging wildcards, users can significantly reduce the time spent on creating complex search queries manually.

Incorporate Wildcards and Enhance Your SSRS Reports Today!

Now that you have learned how to use wildcards in SSRS report parameters, it is time to implement this powerful feature and optimize your reports. By following these steps, you will enhance the search functionality of your reports, make your data more accessible, and achieve better search engine rankings.

For further assistance and comprehensive SEO services tailored to your specific business needs, don't hesitate to reach out to OptWizard SEO. Our team of experts is ready to support you in leveraging SSRS and other innovative techniques to enhance your SEO strategy.

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